AFS G2 is an AI/Machine Learning enabled analytics application purpose-built for the CPG industry.


G2 allows users to build dashboards using 20+ different design tools, allowing for an unlimited combination of dashboarding solutions. We currently have defined hundreds of different data views utilizing all sort of KPIs to monitor a business’ success. AFS G2 is powerful enough for the most discriminating BI user and easy enough for any user in the organization to access and analyze data with minimal technical skills.



Traditional methods in this area involve various forms of explicit programming which includes various types of LP based optimizations. With Machine Learning the data can now do the talking as we translate corporate strategies into optimized plans for all customers and channels in order to grow both brand and category.



Knowing the buying behavior and assortments of similar store doors in comparable geo demographic regions empowers field personnel to identify upsell opportunities in their markets. This capability models buying behavior trends, analyzes transaction activity, and generates new sales opportunities by providing suggested orders to the field.


Performance gaps in the execution of brand and category strategies require immediate attention given the implications related to dependent processes at the S&OP level. Areas like spend effectivity and potential impacts to spend including competitor actions are key variables considered in the Machine Learning algorithm.


Understanding trends that impact shelf positions requires a varied set of data inputs including the usual transactions, inventory, and promotions. Variables captured through social listening, sentiment, and preference now play an increasingly important role as part of the data set. Previously undetected patterns would be brought to light and appropriate actions are prescribed through the ML algorithm. Strong results have been recorded thus far across sales, out of stocks, overstocks and overall assortment efficiency.


Saving time, our most precious commodity, is critical when it comes to in store activities. With ML based predictive orders, we have seen improvements of 10 minutes per order with associated benefits in improved order accuracy. Taking the guesswork out of shelf management, procurement, and customer engagement and ultimately knowing what to do and when to do it is a significant improvement as compared to today’s practices.


Driving revenue insights requires a single version of the truth across multiple sources of data. This model would provide transparency into the complex and inconsistent hierarchies across your manufacturing, distribution, and retail channels. Machine Learning is evolving rapidly in this area as data is made available.


We can target pattern shifts that will indicate potential churn where a customer is shifting demand to a competitor. These declining buying patterns can be picked up by removing dips based on seasonal patterns and then modeled so that we eliminate false recommendations that are common due to the nature of today’s forecasting algorithms.



  •  Watch Joe Bellini, CEO AFS at the AFS 2019 User Conference where he discusses our detailed product futures which in today’s world requires an extreme focus on delivering ever increasing value and thus our theme – “Enhancing the Value of Today’s Consumer Goods Manufacturers and Distributors Through Advanced Analytics – WiiFM.
  • Technically aware managers and executives are constantly searching for ways to drive increased value through big data and advanced analytics. Newly available capabilities allow companies to do things they could not do before, like optimizing promotional spend, share of shelf, margin per square foot, or warehouse productivity.
  • But advanced capabilities do not create real value unless an organization incorporates these new techniques into its day-to-day operations. Some of today’s buzzwords like AI, machine learning, or cognitive computing may sound interesting, but confusing to apply in a value-added way to your business. We will focus on providing understanding and applicability of these technologies to both consumer goods manufacturers and distributors.
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True insight comes from the integration of AFS G2 with your AFS software solutions, enabling you to quickly drill into problem areas as well as opportunities, identifying potential resolutions with contextual analysis.

  • Machine Learning-based predictive analytics that identify issues based on trends before they become major challenges that could impact top and bottom-line metrics.
  • One version of the truth, which ensures consistency throughout the organization because G2 easily combines data used by your staff from AFS software solutions and third-party data sources
  • Automated online and offline alerts for rapid sense and respond and improved user productivity by enabling you to manage a higher volume of work without adding resources.
  • Benefit on day one from industry best practices and KPI which are integrated into AFS G2, rather than spending months defining and building KPIs in a standard business intelligence application.
  • Streamlined access to relevant analytics provides quick, cost-effective time to value in G2 implementations within your AFS solutions.
  • Empower your analytics at a fraction of the cost and time compared to traditional business intelligence project initiatives.


When it comes to data analysis, business users will typically pick from a limited set of reporting options made available by their company with options like, pre-packaged or IT developed reporting from their ERP, Business Intelligence software (purchased or home grown), or spreadsheets.

When integrated with other AFS software solutions, AFS™ G2 Analytics provides context-rich insights based on your data as well as integrated third-party data. This is achieved with pre-packaged analytics using KPIs that are based on best practices developed by working with hundreds of consumer goods companies. G2 is unique in offering Management by Exception functionality, which automatically alerts on urgent business situations based on data deviations that violate or are trending to violate defined thresholds.


Machine Learning is real, effective, and driving strong results. Machine Learning now gives CPGs the ability to interpret data and make more informed decisions for pending actions like future promotions.

Based on recent analyst reports, over 70% of CPG promotions fail to break even. On top of that, 20% of a CPG company’s revenue is wiped out with promotions, leaving a costly problem. In the new world of Machine Learning, it’s important that you don’t use yesterday’s solutions that only guess at your outcomes but invest in solutions that will help you make impactful strategic market decisions.

AFS G2’s Machine Learning algorithms will assign the right promotion tactics based on the stories they have learned, powered from the rich amount of data that we have helped our customers develop over time.

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A Wide Variety of Solutions

When AFS G2 Analytics is paired with other AFS software solutions, you are able to gain deeper insights into the specific business processes supported by that AFS solution. We have standard interfaces to get the data directly to G2, where the views are pre-built to show you what is needed to keep the pulse of your business beating strong. These views are pre-configured to reflect industry best practices. During the implementation phase, you can customize or alter the views to fine tune them to your business if needed.

  • Margin analysis
  • At-risk clients
  • Sales performance by customer/product
  • Warehouse performance metrics
  • Space utilization metrics
  • Labor standards
TPM Retail
TPM Retail
  • Perfect Store metrics
  • Share of shelf
  • Distribution gain/loss
  • Sales performance
TPM Foodservice
TPM Foodservice
  • Contract exposure
  • Operator end-user compliance
  • Void
  • Multi-dipping


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The AFS Strategic Value Assessment (SVA) service provides the opportunity to visit recommended best practices and assess the value that you’re deriving from G2 Analytics. Whether you’ve just implemented G2 Analytics, or you’ve been up and running for a while, it’s important to periodically fine tune and enhance your processes.

It’s a good idea, and a profitable one, to revisit key areas:

  • Current Processes and Best Practices
  • Data Analysis
  • System Parameters ​
  • Additional Custom Training Needs
  • Overall System Usage ​
  • New Functionality ​
  • New Solution Views ​
  • New Dashboards and MBEs

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